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The Beginnings What began as a solo provider who dipped my toe into regenerative medicine with the use of ozone, spread to include over 10,000 injections over the course of several years.

Throughout that time, I studied, interned, and applied my knowledge to achieve an over 85% success rate in our current treatment regimen for various conditions.

With this success, we grew to include additional providers, including Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Aesthetic, and IV treatments.

Today, I am the only Chiropractic Physician dually licensed and trained to provide all the major regenerative techniques, including: Ozone, Perineural Injection (deep and superficial), Prolotherapy, PRP, and Stem Cells. I have spent literally thousands on improving myself and practice, and hundreds of hours learning each technique to bring you the easiest and most fulfilling treatments, without all the fluff.

In addition to our clinics, and this beginning comprehensive injection course, we also offer 1 on 1 business coaching for you and your employees, as well as in-person training seminars.


Regenerative Medicine As a Chiropractor, we have amazing clinical diagnostic skills, phenomenal palpation skills, and a true drive to help as many people as we can. But, with that, comes seeing patients multiple times, often with no long-term benefit.

During my internal medicine rotations for an advanced practice Master’s degree, I began to collaborate more with medical physicians who told me of similar issues. They were getting burned out. They were feeling overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated.  And, it was only getting worse.

With the addition of simple regenerative medicine techniques, you can reduce chronic lower back pain, eliminate headaches, improve function, and increase the quality of life of your patients. In the end, they are healthier with reduced medications, and happier with their care with you.

With this, becomes an increased satisfaction in your own life. In this course, you will learn how you, your RN (in some states) or mid-level providers can offer an alternative which provides long-term relief and an increase in purpose.

Regenerative Medicine is a booming specialty. As you begin your journey, you will become the expert in the field.

Introduction to Inflammation

Introduction to Inflammation, Stress & Lifestyle Issues

Inflammation, Stress and Lifestyle Issues all interact with each other affecting our overall health. Inflammation is a natural process that helps our body heal from injury or illness. It is a known fact that the immune system drives the inflammatory process in disease.

Unfortunately Western medicine offers little in the way of actual answers as to managing or overcoming the Autoimmune process. The typical approach to therapy is to try to suppress the immune response with Immune suppressive agents or sometimes steroids.

Both approaches are designed to reduce inflammation, but neither will stop the underlying disease processes or allow the damaged tissues to regenerate. Stress is also a factor that contributes to inflammation and pain issues. It affects our health without us realizing it.

Though we may think illness is to blame for many symptoms we have, it is often stress that is the cause. Stress affects our moods, our behavior and our body.

Lifestyle issues also affect and are affected by inflammation and stress.

Living a healthy, active lifestyle can reduce and even stop inflammation. Diet, exercise, sleep, stress and sunlight all affect our overall health. When we have chronic pain, it takes a toll on everyday life.

Whether the pain comes from an injury, a degenerative condition or disease, it will often cause more stress on our system, and lower desire to lead a healthy lifestyle.

When patients receive regenerative medicine techniques, they have a renewed chance to live pain-free life and the ability to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle without side effects and invasive procedures.

Injection Types We Recommend


Uses ozone for healing. It is Dr Wellwood’s own technique which combines ozone with perineural injections. Instead of Prolozone which uses saline, lidocaine, b-complex as a carrier, then followed with ozone; he uses B complex and 5% glucose solution with ozone.


A new technique developed by Dr. Wellwood over the course of his career.  It combines the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma with Ozone Infusions.  The benefit, is that the patient has potential increase in healing capacity by utilizing an increase in growth factors as well as direct oxygenation which helps stimulate stem cells.


Or Perineural Injections, is a technique that uses dextrose (sugar water) or other substances.  The substance is injected along the peripheral nerves which have been over-stimulated at times, causing chronic pain syndromes such as neuropathies.  The addition of the substances shuts down the neurogenic pain and inflammation  receptors.  The end result is a reduction of pain, and repair of the damaged nerve areas.


Choosing the Right Treatment

Every patient has a unique set of symptoms and conditions that cause their pain.

As a result, choosing the right regenerative medicine technique for each patient’s specific needs is a very important aspect to the success of the overall treatment.

Through this program, we will work with you and your staff to teach you the latest regenerative medicine techniques as well as provide guidance to determining the right treatment for your patients.


We Offer 5 Options for Our Video Series:

Individual courses – $197 each course – lifetime access.

Option 1 – Spinal Series

Featuring a minimum of 9 videos detailing how to perform regenerative medicine to spinal areas of the body only.

Option 2 – Upper Extremity

This series of 14 plus videos details areas of the upper body that are not covered by the Spinal Series.

Option 3 – Lower Extremity

Series of 20 plus videos showing how to perform regenerative medicine in the lower areas of the body.

Option 4 – All Courses $497

This features all of the above courses for a simple one time fee of $497, over $100 off the combined price of the individual courses together.

Option 5 – All Courses and Contracts and Forms $797

As Option 4 but including already done contracts and associated administrative forms ready for you to apply to your practice.